5 Things to Put On Your Checklist for Your Wedding DJ

The preparation for a stunning and tear-jerking wedding is just the beginning. A great welcome is equally important. An epic wedding is about your guests’ perceptions of your wedding day and how much enjoyment they will enjoy during the reception.

Your DJ Sets the Vibe

The choice of music you play at your party is crucial for a memorable night. Selecting the right DJ could be the difference between a successful or a disappointing event, but remember the two people to dance, so ensure that you communicate your requirements to the DJ in advance and in writing. Don’t just rely on your ears. It is essential to tell the DJ 5 things that will start the party and keep it going.

Pronunciation of Names

Choose the person to greet the newlyweds and everyone else at the wedding reception when they make their grand entrance. If you decide to hire DJs for your wedding, it is best to match it with wedding cold sparklers to give the entrance an attitude. Make sure you give them an alphabetical spelling of all names in the wedding celebration. This is particularly important in the event of unusual spellings of guests’ last or first names.

Master of Ceremonies Option

Inform your DJ that you’re comfortable with lots of emceeing, in addition to your introductions. Some of them might if you don’t inform them that they shouldn’t. If you decide to let your DJ host the show, tell them what you appreciate and don’t understand about their performance.

Do you feel it is acceptable to be the focal point in crowds? Are there certain people or subjects you should avoid? It is also possible to notify your DJ of any issues between the people in your bridal party or your family members, like divorces or other issues that can cause a sense of awkwardness. Therefore, they should take the highest care and be sensitive when dealing with these people and introducing announcements at your reception.

Traditional Wedding Music

It is recommended that you inform the DJ of the songs you’ve selected for important occasions (such as the introduction to your wedding party and initial dances, dad/daughter or mother/son dances, cutting cakes, the bouquet, garter toss, and the final song). The timing is crucial, not just regarding the day-of-the-week schedule but also which songs to play when and at what time. For instance, do you and your companion dance for five minutes, or would you prefer the DJ stop the music within three minutes? Matching the lights and the music is critical which Greensboro event lighting provides. These are crucial for maximizing and highlighting the most critical aspects of the occasion. 

Playlist Option

You should choose your preferred songs instead of just providing an overview of the songs you’d like to hear in general. DJs will have an idea of other songs, performers, or genres you would like to hear because of this. This way, it sets the mood for the guests like the lighting of Marquee letter lights have to offer. The new couple’s birth year can also help in deciding which songs are most suitable to perform based on their preferences and interests.

Off Limits Playlist

If the DJ you choose is open to taking requests from guests, you’ll need to create an off-limits list of songs. You’ll need to talk about it with the DJ before the event. Be sure the DJ can accommodate requests, but do not be afraid to say no to tracks you don’t like. Inform guests who want specific songs that the DJ does not have them on the playlist. It’s also helpful to indicate whether certain songs, languages (e.g., profane words), and volumes are appropriate.


Planning ahead of the wedding day and deciding what you would like to take place on the day of your wedding is essential to ensure your wedding is easy and enjoyable. It is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for you and your beloved, which you will cherish till you are old enough to be together. Take these suggestions for an unforgettable and stunning wedding day.