A Non-Baker’s Guide to Custom Cakes

The thought of getting a cake for others (and yourself, too!) makes one giddy. The idea of getting the best cake feels like falling in love! Why? Because love makes everyone happy, and so does cake.

Because we feel generous and exuding love, let’s look at how we can get the best cake for those we love (including yourself, too, because why not?).

The Cake Factor

Home bakers, mom-and-pop bakeshops, or established confectioners can offer you many choices. Get testimonials from former customers to get feedback about the overall quality of the baked goodies. Things to consider are flavors, freshness, and the cakes’ moisture.

Cakes come in different kinds like red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, etc. Some confectioneries boast special fillings like fresh fruits, honeycomb, cream cheese blends, and homemade jams. If possible, visit their shops and purchase small cakes or cupcakes. Taste them yourselves. Ask what the best-sellers are or request their suggestions. Visit one of the best dessert places in Mississauga for a great experience.

The Aesthetics

Go over with your baker what you want to achieve. Whether you want a minimalist cake, a thematic one, or something whimsical for a kid, they will undoubtedly have something up their sleeves.

This is when you can customize your cakes. Discuss this with the baker if you have something in mind or have seen something you like. They can create an original design you may like. Need ideas? Visit this page.

The Art of Icing

For bakeries and confectionaries, sprucing up a cake into something extraordinary depends upon its frosting. Here are some to consider.


There are different sorts of buttercream. American buttercream is made with butter, powdered sugar, and milk or cream. This kind is stable and can endure room temperature longer than the other kinds. This is on the sweeter side, but you can resolve this with fresh fruits and whipped cream if possible.

Italian meringue or Swiss meringue buttercream is less sweet and can attain silky smooth finishes for cakes. These two are probably the very best tasting among the frostings. They are stable, but not for long in summer outdoor celebrations. Oh, and by the way, buttercream flowers are both dainty and spectacular.


For the jaw-dropping eye-popping element, fondant is most likely initially on the list. It is flexible. It is polished. It can be made and formed into whatever you want it to be. Other elements can accent fondant cakes and make them look much more stunning. Fondant can withstand six to ten hours on display.

Fondant is made almost completely of sugar; some individuals find it too thick and sweet. It can perfectly complement a less sweet cake and buttercream filling if done correctly. Fondant is likewise a costly choice, but if you have the budget, go for it.

Whipped Cream Frosting

Since the rise of minimalist cakes, the whipped frosting has been gaining popularity. Light and not too sweet, whipped frosting is a practical choice. It is delicious and matches most cake flavors. However, whipped frosting is not happy in warm locations.


It is tough to say no to a cake completely covered in chocolate. Add some chocolate shavings, chocolate clay flowers, a little gold glitter, and voila! You got yourself your perfect chocolate work of art fit for any occasion.

Chocolate ganache can be made with different types of chocolate. The type and quality of chocolate used might add to the cost aspect. As for stability, it is versatile and can last long; nevertheless, ensure it will not involve a lot of temperature changes.

The Takeaway

Let your cake artist know what you want and allow them to work on your concepts. Individuals who make food are the very best people; food constantly comes from the heart. This guarantees you will get the very best item. The only takeaway you’ll be wanting after this is cake, for sure.