Pet Care: Reducing the Hazards of Kennel Stress

Our pets frequently spend time in a kennel when we go on vacation or a lengthy trip. Many dogs get kennel stress when they go to the boarding kennel. The stress of being confined in a kennel is genuine and can be detrimental to your dog’s health. To begin with, after a few days of this, they may not eat or sleep because they are too anxious and may pace or bark constantly. Usually, it’s just a matter of time before the dog starts to feel sick. The risks multiply dramatically when patients’ histories of illness are considered.

Pre-Boarding Preparations

An additional reason to board your dog could be for better monitoring after a surgical procedure. They can search for “dog surgery near meto speak with the professionals if medical boarding is recommended for their pets.

Despite the reason for boarding, the dog may still feel stressed out even if most kennels take good care of them. Owners can do a few things to make their dogs feel less worried while in the kennel.

Cage-train the Dog

Most dogs are used to running around the house at will, so being confined in a kennel may be a traumatic experience for them. To decrease the canine’s stress during its kennel stay, the dog’s owner may start preparing the dog for its stay now through training. Preparing the dog for its kennel stay, which could be at a veterinary hospital in Rochester, NY, can be aided by acclimating it to being alone in a small location, such as a kennel or crate at home or a compact bedroom.

Limit Your Pet’s Fear of Being Left Alone

In the absence of human companions or housemates, a dog may develop symptoms of worry and stress. In the weeks leading up to their trip, the owner should progressively increase the amount of time the dog spends alone. When multiple dogs share a home, the owner needs to give each dog some alone time every day.

See the Place Itself

Someone who owns and operates a dog kennel is not required to be an expert on canine behavior simply because they work with dogs. Many breeds of dogs have unique personalities and preferences. Before their trip, the owner should visit them here to discuss the dog’s personality with the proprietor. Kennel owners may better make their guests’ dogs feel at home if they have detailed information on each dog.

Bring a Familiar Item

Bringing a familiar item to the kennel with the dog will help it feel more at ease while it is being boarded. This item could be anything from a special blanket or toy to a special piece of clothing that the owner has worn or played with over the years. A dog’s anxiety can be reduced by providing him with familiar objects.


When confronted with novel stimuli, such as a new environment, diet, or habit, even the most peaceful of dogs might become restless due to the stress of being confined in a kennel full of strange pets, foreign smells, and possibly annoying barking. A dog that is fearful, worried, or aggressive toward other dogs needs some personal space. Get in touch with the kennel and see if they can take care of your dog. Many animals may endure stress during boarding. The dog’s time in the kennel will go more smoothly if the owner is familiar with some techniques for calming the animal.