Remove Stinky Dog Odor in Your House by Following These Tips

The odor of your dog is undeniably a source of pride for them. It’s who they are and what they’re known for. Like people, dogs get oily skin and waxy buildup in their ears. And did you know that their feet sweat? To put it mildly, that’s an awful bunch of dog smell.

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Your Home

Cleaning professionals advise that eliminating dog smells is far less complicated than cat odors, although dog owners tend to clean more significant spots. Pee from dogs can spread fast, and a small area of pee on the rug might not represent the full extent of what has been absorbed into the padding and backing of the carpet.

If you’re unfavorable enough, you have many options to have a dog who stinks up your house. You’ll need to understand what you’re managing to finish the job right. You don’t need to be concerned, though. Dog odors can be remedied in a variety of methods. Below are a few tips to try.

Regularly Clean Your Dog

To remove the dog odor on your property, you must provide your dog with frequent baths using a light shampoo. If your dog has been bathed, guarantee it is completely dry afterward to prevent the spread of bacteria and yeast.

It would be perfect if You bathed once a month. Different oatmeal dog shampoos and other items are available at any pet shop. Your pet should be tidy and fresh, but you must also ensure they have all of their vaccines up to date. Keeping your pet clean is essential, but their health and wellness must always come first. You can book an appointment to keep your pet’s vaccines up to date by visiting vet websites like

Use Scents and Air Fresheners Consistently 

This should be a must thing to do when it concerns making your property have a pleasing scent. Using perfumed candles and other air fresheners like a fabric pet odor remover can help keep your residence smelling terrific. Candles or oil diffusers can also be put in your pet’s room to create a relaxing ambiance.

In addition, bear in mind that pets’ sense of smell is far superior to that of humans. If you’re using a scented product to mask the odor, ensure it’s risk-free for pets. Even though numerous human-grade products are perfectly safe, they are not necessarily so for dogs. A puppy vet should be consulted instantly if your pet has unexpected reactions after using them.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Dogs have a poor reputation for having foul breath. It’s uncertain what happens when they use those tongues to lick themselves or you. The scent of a dog’s stinky breath penetrates your home, making it even more unpleasant. Whether you brush their teeth by hand or give them teeth-cleaning dog treats, basic dental hygiene goes a long way toward getting rid of dog odors.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that a dog’s strong smelly breath, particularly in seniors, might indicate a hidden condition you might not be aware of. To ensure your dog’s health and wellness, it is highly suggested that you consult with a veterinarian specializing in geriatric pet care.


Consider organizing a veterinarian consultation if none of the mentioned solutions help you. There is a possibility that the anal glands of your dog are experiencing some issues. This is a concern that you should take up with a veterinarian.