Top 5 Healthy Simple Chicken Recipes You Need to Try to Upgrade Your Chicken Dish

Chicken recipes are simple to prepare and ideal for any occasion. Try these new, simple chicken recipes to spice up your tried-and-true chicken dishes. The phrase “tastes like chicken” will have a whole new meaning with these quick chicken recipes.

Make these unique, quirky chicken recipes instead of the same old chicken meals. You’ve probably never tried the flavor combinations in these dishes before. These quick chicken recipes vary from sweet and spicy to acidic and crispy flavor. Chicken doesn’t have to be tasteless. These five recipes are also good for you. It’s easy to prepare boneless skinless chicken breast using these recipes.

The Best Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Recipes

If you’re on a special diet, you’ll be relieved to learn that the healthiest, low-fat foods are simple to make and can be very delicious when cooked properly. Here are five delicious boneless skinless chicken breast recipes:

Guatemalan Chicken Mole

Chocolate is loved by all, but how many chocolate lovers pair it with chicken? Mole is a traditional chocolate-based savory sauce. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants that fight cancer. Thanks to the chicken and pumpkin seeds, this boneless chicken recipe is packed with protein. This chicken recipe is spicy because of red pepper flakes and two different types of chilies. Try something different for dinner by combining chicken and chocolate in this recipe.

Chicken with Lemon Yogurt

This boneless chicken recipe originates from Afghanistan, a country not known for its cuisine. This chicken meal is lighter than classic American chicken recipes because of the fresh lemon citrus taste and creamy yogurt. Also, the recipe needs whole garlic cloves to be ground to a pulp, which isn’t something you’d see in a typical chicken recipe. This Middle Eastern dish is one of the best ways to prepare boneless skinless chicken breast.

Healthy Chicken Jerky

If you go to any grocery store or petrol station, you’ll certainly encounter a bag of beef jerky. Jerky, or smoked meat, is popular with beef but not chicken. This boneless chicken jerky recipe will broaden your jerky horizons. With this recipe, you can turn chicken into a snacking favorite. Chicken jerky is a lean, flavorful, and healthy snack that everyone can enjoy.

Avocado Chicken

Avocados may be found at almost every grocery store. However, the avocado is only ever used to make guacamole. This recipe is one of the most unique simple chicken recipes because avocado is rarely used in cooking. Easy chicken recipes with a variety of textures are great. Combine crunchy almonds and creamy avocado to make a boneless chicken meal high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Baked Crispy Chicken

This boneless chicken recipe is unique in that it uses an oven to replicate the flavor of fried chicken, making it a healthier alternative to fried chicken. Traditional chicken recipes, such as fried chicken, are tasty but high in calories. This unusual chicken recipe uses the oven to recreate the fried flavor for a healthier version.


Is being health-conscious so important to you? Maintain your health without avoiding animal meat. You can always use chicken meat, which, according to most sources, is healthier. Here are a few recipes that make healthy dishes with chicken meat. Use these suggestions, and don’t be afraid to get creative with marinades and seasonings. When it comes to healthy chicken recipes, your imagination is the only limit.